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Weight Loss Rewards Beyond What You See on the Scale

More Weight Loss Rewards A lot of people focus on the number on the scale when they are focused on shedding excess weight. But losing weight can provide a lot more benefits than just being able to say that you weigh less and your BMI is lower. In fact, you can stay motivated throughout your slim-down journey by focusing on weight loss rewards beyond what you see on the scale.

What are these weight loss rewards that we are referring to? Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

The Shape and Size of Your Body Is Changing

According to Prevention, there are many small victories that you can use to keep yourself motivated while you’re working hard at losing excess weight. One of them is the fact that you will notice that your body looks slimmer.

Want proof of your progress along the way?

  1. Measure your thighs, arms, and waist at the start of your fitness journey.
  2. Then, measure them on a regular basis to see how much progress you are making.
  3. Take note of how you look in the mirror. See a difference?

This is one of the best rewards because you can actually see it in the way your body looks, and in the way your clothes fit.

Your Digestion Has Improved

Another one of the weight loss rewards that you might not think about right away is the fact that your digestion can improve when you shed excess weight. Symptoms like constipation and bloating, along with indigestion, might subside, thanks to a healthier diet that supports healthy gut bacteria. Plus, if you’re eating more fiber, and drinking more water, these simple steps may also help improve your digestive health.

You Have More Energy

Finally, when it comes to the rewards that come from losing weight, let’s not forget that you will more than likely end up noticing a difference in the way that you feel. First off, you might notice that you have more energy, along with more endurance. Secondly, you might also notice that you are able to focus more, and that your mood is heightened as well. These are all fantastic signs that you have come very far.

Focus on Weight Loss Rewards Beyond the Scale!

One last thing to remember: as you build more muscle through an intense workout routine, you might notice that the number on the scale doesn’t move much. Therefore, it isn’t the best way to gauge just how well you are doing. This is just another reason why you should be focusing more on the many other rewards that you can derive from getting in shape.

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