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Phentermine Without Prescription

There are many reasons that a person may not want to have to obtain a prescription in order to be able to buy their weight loss medication. It could be that the person wants an alternative to traditional prescription medications. It could be that prescription medications have already been tried and the side effects were found to be overwhelmingly unpleasant. Though some people do use the prescription drugs without any problem at all, other people find great discomfort from their reactions to the medication.

Phentermine Without Prescription

Despite what many online pharmacies may advertise, buying phentermine without a prescription cannot be done.

Phentermine has some common side effects, which are typically mild and perfectly manageable by most people, but that others find push them toward a non-prescription alternative. These include: difficulty sleeping, dry mouth, irritability, nausea, and constipation. Most often, when these side effects do occur, they will pass within the first few days of use. Generally speaking, the side effects are a result of the body not being accustomed to the drug, but as it adjusts and the symptoms fade.

That being said, Phentermine is typically only prescribed to people who are considered obese and have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. People with a body mass index greater than 30 are typically at higher risk of developing weight-related health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and insulin resistance. For this reason, Phentermine is prescribed to help them lower their body weight to lower these risk factors.

Many people who are overweight, but who do not have a BMI of over 30, have a difficult time getting their doctors to prescribe Phentermine for them, even though it could be very helpful. For this reason, many people seek to buy Phentermine without a prescription.

Currently, obtaining Phentermine without a prescription is illegal. Despite what many online pharmacies may advertise, buying phentermine without a prescription cannot be done. This leaves many to seek out no prescription phentermine alternatives that are marketed online, of which there are many; however only one really acts like Phentermine – Phentramin-d.

Phentramin-d is a non-prescription (over the counter) weight loss supplement that allows people to obtain similar results to those who have been using Phentermine, except without the prescription-strength side effects to go with them. Furthermore, unlike Phentermine, which is a drug designed to be used only for short-term effects, Phentramin-d can be used for a much longer period of time. For many people, this means that more weight loss can be accomplished because it allows them to continue developing a healthier lifestyle with more activity and proper eating for a longer period of time without suffering from the unpleasant side effects and withdrawal.

Another great advantage of buying no prescription Phentermine by choosing Phentramin-d is the price savings. Phentramin-d, on average, is over thirty percent lower than that of its prescription-strength equivalent. This means that similar results can be achieved with lower and milder risk of side effects (most users have no side effects at all), it can be used for a much longer period of time, and it costs a third less.

3 comments to Phentermine Without Prescription

  • Carrey Black

    My BMI is about 38 & from the last 4 months I’m taking Phentermine just as I saw its good results from others.Since it’s not prescribed by doctor but I’m not under it’s side effects.Is it really necessary for me or not?

  • Katie S

    Is there any kind of precautions before taking phentermine if it’s not prescribed by doctor???Since I got amazing results of Phentermine on myself but it’s suggested by one of my friend.I do take phentermine on alternate days.

  • Cilvi2cs

    I’m 23yrs old I’ve been struggling to get the weight off and nothing seemed to work.I’ve been told by many of my friends how great Phentermine works but now that I’ve tried it myself I have had great results.It suppresses my appetite and gives me energy but I get dry mouth a lot but drinking water to stay hydrated helps a lot. Overall I am happy with my results.Just to know is it If I took Phentermine without any Prescription??

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