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Phentermine Information

Before starting the use of any prescription or over-the-counter medication, it is very important that you learn all about it so that you understand what you are doing to your body and what you can expect in terms of effects and side effects. Diet drugs are no exception, so if your doctor has prescribed phentermine, for example, then you will want to make sure that you obtain some reliable phentermine information.

Phentermine Information

The safest way to get the Phentermine information you need is from your doctor or pharmacist.

Phentermine information can be obtained from your doctor, your pharmacist, or from many different locations online. To get you started, here are the basics about this pill and what it is all about.

Phentermine is a prescription weight loss medication that functions by affecting neurotransmitter chemicals within your brain. The reason that this is desirable is that it allows your brain to convince itself that you are feeling full much sooner than you usually would. This way, even if your stomach has not been filled up by your meal, you will still have a feeling of being satisfied so that you will not be inclined to continue eating. Similarly, it allows that feeling to continue for a much longer time so that you won’t have the need to snack between your meals or in the evening after you’ve eaten for the last time.

At the same time, phentermine also includes stimulants. This may seem like a strange thing for a diet drug to contain, since stimulants are chemicals like the caffeine found in coffee. Why would feeling awake make you lose weight? Directly speaking, it doesn’t, but indirectly, it is highly beneficial. The reason is that when you eat fewer calories, your body’s natural inclination is to make you feel more tired because it thinks that you haven’t taken in enough energy to run properly. The thing is, when you are on a healthy diet, you will still be eating enough calories for your body to run, but because you’re taking in fewer calories than your body is used to consuming, it becomes “confused” and will need time to adjust to the new calorie intake rate. If you are feeling fatigued from reduced calorie consumption, you will not feel inclined to exercise nor to keep up the exercise over the necessary time to be effective. Similarly, when you are tired, it is harder to stick to a healthier eating regimen. Therefore, with stimulation from phentermine, you can beat the fatigue and keep your spirits and activity levels high.

Aside from giving you a boost in energy so that you can lead a more active lifestyle, Phentermine also stimulates your metabolism to help your body burn more fat. The effects of this increase in metabolism are a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure and a higher rate of calorie consumption by your body. Although some of these effects may cause side effects in some people, such as high blood pressure or heart palpitations, for the most part they are mild and the benefits outweigh the side effects.

There are a number of people who are unable to take Phentermine, either because of pre-existing health conditions, a conflict with other medications or they are unable to get a prescription for this drug from their doctor. In these cases, many people are deciding to try the natural Phentermine alternative called Phentramin-D. Phentramin-D is considered the best non-prescription Phentermine alternative that can offer similar results without the risk of serious side effects or high cost. If you are considering Phentermine, you may want to try Phentramin-D first.

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