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Exercises That Increase Lung Capacity

Exercises to Increase Lung CapacityOver the years, being able to increase lung capacity has becomes a desire which has led numerous experts to more closely study the way various parts of the body work. After close scrutiny, researchers have been able to make several direct connections between the health of specific areas of the body and the capacity of the lungs. These targeted areas, when worked out correctly, can actually increase lung capacity if done on a regular basis.

Become the Swan

No, you don’t literally have to transform yourself into a swan, but if you want to increase lung capacity and correct shallow breathing problems then listen up. The swan stretch is designed to help change improper breathing patterns by opening up the chest, and it is safe to perform by just about anybody. When done, it looks and feels a lot like a pushup, but the main goal of the swan stretch is not to strengthen your biceps. You will want to breathe deeply throughout the various movements and try to repeat it about 10-12 times before you can see a difference.

Stand and Expand

Feeling a little out of breath? No worries, you can simply stand up and expand or increase lung capacity quite easily. The muscles that lie right between your ribs, known as the intercostal muscle group, are essential for proper breathing. If you stand straight up and raise your arms above your head while inhaling a slow and controlled breath, you should feel a difference immediately. Sometimes, all it takes is to let some of the pressure off your diaphragm and pelvic floor. For optimal results, stand and expand about three or four times a row to really give your lungs a good workout.

Rock, Roll and Regain Control

This exercise to increase lung capacity is so popular that fitness enthusiasts have given it a nickname: the 100, often because it is 100% effective for its intended purpose. It only involves you lying down on your back with your arms on the floor, and extending your legs straight out at about a 45-degree angle. Once you’re in that position, take 5 short and controlled breaths before relaxing your body and exhaling deeply. This exercise trains your body to keep breaths in balance, and it helps to build up your abs as well.

Note: Your shallow lung power could be a symptom of something more serious. If these exercises don’t work to increase lung capacity for you, be sure to speak with a doctor immediately.

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