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Weight Loss Tips That Are Backed by Science

scientific Weight Loss Tips At the same time that there are an astounding number of myths circulating about how dieting should be conducted, there are actually also quite a few weight loss tips that have science to back them up.

The following are some of the weight loss tips that have research behind their claims:

Drink lots of water, particularly before your meals – while it may seem as though losing weight simply by drinking water is rather too good to be true, there is a substantial body of evidence that shows that there are a range of different weight loss benefits that can all be enjoyed simply by staying hydrated. For 1 to 1.5 hours after drinking water, it can give the metabolism a boost of up to 24 to 30 percent. That turns your body into a calorie burning machine. Moreover, one study showed that when 17 ounces of water was consumed half an hour ahead of a meal, dieters were able to eat less and lost 44 percent more weight than those who did not use this technique.

Choose eggs for breakfast
– eggs are great for both nutrition and weight loss, provided that they’re eaten for breakfast. Science has shown that if eggs replace a grain-based breakfast, a dieter is likely to eat fewer calories over the 36 hours that follow, making it possible to reduce a larger amount of body fat.

Drink black coffee – coffee has been given a bad name but the truth is that there are a number of different potential health benefits that can come with drinking a certain amount of it. It is chock full of antioxidants and its caffeine can give the body a 3 to 11 percent metabolism boost. The key is to drink it black. Any additional cream or sugar will negate any of the potential weight loss advantages you could be getting. You should also note that, contrary to popular belief, coffee going to dehydrate you when consumed in moderation and it can count toward your daily water goals. Just don’t replace all the water you drink with coffee!

Finally, one of the best weight loss tips you can receive is to have a good look at the high quality diet pills that are currently available, such as Phentramin-D. This can help you to boost your metabolism while you simultaneously shrink your appetite, giving you a considerable advantage toward reaching your dieting goal weight.

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