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Is Your Wedding Dress too Tight Days Before Wedding Day?

Wedding Dress too Tight before wedding dayIt’s a nightmare situation. You’ve picked up your gown after having it sized, it’s exactly what it was supposed to be…but you’re not. For whatever reason, despite all your best efforts, something seems off. Is your wedding dress too tight?

That’s the question that can ring in your ears and keep you awake at night. Is your wedding dress too tight?

What’s worse than when you ask it of yourself is the moment when your mother, sister or maid of honor asks it. Is your wedding dress too tight? Now? With only a few days left?

The good news is that you do still have time. Not a lot, but you still have something to work with. You just need to be extremely dedicated to your cause. If you have been sticking to your weight management plan – or at least close to it – then the odds are that the extra weight currently holding you back is water retention.

The following tips will help you to shed the excess water weight super-fast so you’ll get the bloating under control and your wedding gown will fit you like a glove.

• Drink water

From now until you get married, you’re off juice, soda (even the diet stuff) and everything other than the occasional black coffee or green tea without sweetener. That said, you should likely drink more water than you’d normally drink in total liquids. As a handy rule of thumb, divide your weight (in pounds) in half. That’s the number of ounces of water you should drink in a day. One cup (8 ounces) of coffee and one cup (8 ounces) of green tea can count toward your goal, but no more than that. The rest should be clean water. Avoid adding water flavorings that are made of chemicals, sugars or artificial sweeteners. Instead, add a wedge of lemon, lime or grapefruit.

• Dump the salty snacks

From now until after your wedding, no more salty snacks or other high-salt food. That means no more deli meats or sausages, no pickles or anything else that’s high in sodium. Read nutrition labels especially closely to make sure you don’t overdo your sodium intake. Overdoing your sodium can cause water retention, so it’s best to keep it under control.

• Eat fruits and veggies

Eat a healthy number of fruits and vegetables to keep your hydration and fiber intake where it should be. This can help you to stay regular so you won’t have extra bloating working against you.

• Go light on alcohol

Ideally, you shouldn’t drink at all but it is right before your wedding so it may be unavoidable on occasion. Have as little as you possibly can. Alcohol is surprisingly high in calories, it is dehydrating and can lead to water retention.

• Get moving

Exercise reasonably but regularly every day until your wedding. This can mean a good walk each day plus a bit of swimming and yoga. This boosts calorie burning, promotes regularity and keeps your body from holding on to excess water.

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