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Unhealthy Dieting Trends to Stay Far Away From

Unhealthy Dieting Trends to avoidIt seems that new diet plans are released every year, all promising fantastic weight loss results. But there are a lot of unhealthy dieting trends that you need to definitely avoid if you want to stay healthy. Below are a few of the diets that you should stay far away from.

Avoid These Unhealthy Dieting Trends

Detox and Juicing Diets

Many people tout the supposed benefits of so-called detoxification diets, and many of these diets involve drinking nothing but juices for an extended period of time. Some of these detox diets also push supplements that you should be taking while you are fasting from solids. The truth is that these diets can lead to dangerous nutritional deficiencies. Your iron, vitamin D, and calcium levels, as a few examples, could drop to the point that this diet makes you sicker rather than healthier.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Another absurd weight loss idea is any diet that involves eating just one food. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a classic example of a single food fad diet that claims it can help you lose weight. While other veggies are in the cabbage soup, which needs to be eaten for a week straight, and even though the soup itself has plenty of water and various nutrients, the lack of dietary variety will be a problem both nutritionally and in terms of keeping you motivated to stick with your plan.

The HcG Diet

The HcG Diet is strange because you have to receive injections of HcG, which is human chorionic gonadotropin, also known as the pregnancy hormone. The injections are combined with an extreme diet that is low in calories (you are only allowed to consume a maximum of 800 calories every day). First off, there is no scientific proof that injections of HcG are actually safe, and the severe calorie restriction will only send your body into starvation mode, wreaking havoc and reducing your metabolism and fat burning ability. This is definitely one of the worst on the list of unhealthy dieting trends.

Avoiding these unhealthy dieting trends is imperative if you want to not only shed excess pounds, but also get healthier in the process. Following a nutritious, varied diet packed with lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables is the best route to take. Don’t forget to also stay active so you can burn through additional fat and calories and see the number on the scale go down.

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