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The Horrible Truth About Sugar Addiction You Need Know Before It Ruins Your Health

The Horrible Truth About Sugar AddictionDo you find yourself craving sugary foods on a regular basis? Do you consume a lot of sugar through the foods you eat, the creamer you add to your coffee, and the juices or sodas that you drink? Then you need to be aware of the horrible truth about sugar addiction before it ends up ruining your health.

The Facts on Refined Sugar
There are many forms of sugar, and they include agave, honey, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, and table sugar. But processed fructose and refined sugar, in particular, are a couple of the worst types of sugar out there. When sugar beets and sugar cane are used to produce sugar, they’re refined, and that increases the concentration of sugar because all of the fiber and the majority of the water are taken out. All that’s left is a lot of empty calories that end up providing you with energy without any nutritional value.

Sugar Will Turn into Fat
When it comes to the truth about sugar addiction, another important thing to realize is that the sugar you consume, and the calories that go along with it, may not all be burned as a result of your physical activity. Unless you’re exercising a lot to ensure you burn off these calories, they’ll end up being stored as fat, and that will result in unwanted weight gain.

To put it in perspective, if you ate just a single bar of Snickers, you’d have to walk roughly five miles to burn off the calories. If you drink just one soda each day, you’ll be ingesting roughly 10 teaspoons of calorie-laden sugar, and you’d have to walk an hour to undo the damage before you gain weight.

There Are Signs of Sugar Addiction

Are you unsure about whether or not you’re addicted to sugar? Well, there are some signs that will alert you to your addiction. For example, if you tend to crave sweets and the cravings are so strong that you end up losing control and eating far too much, it’s likely that you’re addicted to how sugar makes you feel. You need to take steps to reduce your consumption of sugar by a small amount every week until you’re able to overcome this unhealthy habit.

Now that you know a bit more on the truth about sugar addiction, you can take steps every day to reduce the amount of sugar that you get in your diet. Exercise regularly and take an energizing weight loss product like Phentramin-D to get your health on track before the sugar can wreak havoc on your weight and health.

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