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Try These Strange Sounding Tips for a Healthier Weight

tips for a healthier weightThe human body is a complex thing. Trying to deliberately change it, such as through dieting, isn’t always something that is straightforward. There is a lot to it. Because of that, some of the tips for a healthier weight can sound rather odd.

Of course, many of the tips for a healthier weight sound perfectly normal. Eat fewer calories and be more active every day are the types of recommendation we’ve come to expect. But when it comes to the little things we can do to give us an even greater advantage, there are a few things that can sound much less commonplace.

Consider the following strange sounding tips for a healthier weight that can give you a surprising advantage over your weight loss efforts:

• Don’t starve yourself – In fact, don’t even let yourself feel too hungry. When you’re feeling very hungry, you make bad eating decisions. Your cravings change and pretty much take over. Do some strategic snacking and plan ahead whenever you can. When you have a bunch of healthy, nutrient dense snacks on hand ahead of time, you’ll be able to grab them without even thinking, preventing that starving feeling that will only lead you down the wrong path.

• Eat before and after you exercise – Have a light carb-based snack about a half hour before you exercise so you’ll have some easy energy on hand while you work out. This will help you to give your workout your best performance. Afterward, make sure to have a lean, protein packed snack to help feed your muscles and give them what they need to recover. This will also help you to prevent getting the munchies, which is a common side effect of a good workout.

• Focus on making your plates colorful – Cook with whole foods and pay attention to the colors you’re putting on your plate. Many nutrients are linked with certain colors. This means that if you put lots of colors on your plate, you’re likely giving your body a broader range of nutrition.

• Put one less bite of food on every plate – Yup, just one less bite per plate. You’ll never miss it but it will save you around 75 calories per week. Doesn’t sound like much, and it’s not, but at the end of the year it will have meant the equivalent to almost 8 pounds of weight loss as long as you keep it up every day. That’s more than half a pound per month gone without any effort at all. When you combine that with the actual efforts you’re making, you might find yourself losing weight more quickly than expected.

• Try a clinically researched diet pill with natural ingredients– A formula like 3G BURN is made with natural ingredients and every one of them has undergone scientific scrutiny. Used properly, you could find yourself even closer to your goal.

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