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What is the Super Shred Diet?

Super Shred Diet reviewChances are that if you have watched TV recently you have seen Dr. Ian Smith on a show promoting his diet plan. The Super Shred Diet has been around for awhile, but it has gained a lot of attention recently. People are really enjoying the results that they get when they stick with this program, and it is due in large part to the fact that it uses healthy principles as its true foundation. If you’re interested in losing weight then this can be an excellent plan to try as it spells everything out for you.

You are given some excellent guidelines that make up this diet plan that include eating right and exercising. You get great ideas, but you also get to make some healthy choices on your own so there is some flexibility to it. Since this was created by an actual doctor and people, including celebrities, are enjoying wonderful results when they follow it then it’s making for a really popular diet trend. It may be time to get on board and see for yourself!

If you want to lose the weight once and for all, then here are the guidelines that help to make the Super Shred Diet one of the most successful programs out there.

It’s a four week program designed to include all factors of weight loss: You are not asked to follow these principles forever, and that may contribute to what makes it such a popular diet plan. You follow the program for about four weeks, and then you carry these healthy new habits with you. If you need to revisit it at a later time then you can, but you create healthy new habits and a foundation and you also help to super charge your metabolism in doing all of this.

You need to eat and space out your meals throughout the day: You should never skip meals or deprive yourself. You shouldn’t binge or overdo it with too large of a portion. You should instead space out your meals throughout the day and keep yourself fueled with the right foods. You get some wonderful guidelines of what foods are best, and therefore you can plan your meals out accordingly.

“Strategic snacking” is pivotal to success: Yes in addition to eating meals throughout the day, you should also snack as well. The key to success though is planning out your meals and ensuring that they are healthy in nature. There are some great products such as power bars or popcorn that you can get through the program. Otherwise you get some good snack ideas that you can use to keep you going all day long with excellent food choices—this strategic snacking is one of the benchmarks to success on the Super Shred Diet.

You must super charge your workouts to boost the metabolism: You definitely build on progress, but you absolutely must be working out. You get good suggestions about how to rev up your workouts and therefore contribute to a much more efficient metabolism. This means that you are burning crazy calories during the workout, but even at rest. So you are helping to make your body a more efficient calorie burner, and getting great ideas for how to workout effectively.

You must learn to read labels and focus on proper portions of the right foods: When you follow the Super Shred Diet you are pushed away from “diet foods” or processed foods. You may enjoy things such as juice, but you have to be careful to read the labels well so that you know what you are getting. The same goes for portions as you don’t just eat endless servings of even the healthiest foods. So you learn to become a better advocate for your health and for eating right in every sense of the word.

You are educated about all of this and you get helpful suggestions so that you aren’t thrown out there to figure it out alone. Through all of these healthy principles you help to create a better foundation, and therefore lose the weight at the right pace and in a way that will help you to hold onto results for the long term—a truly revolutionary concept that contributes to great success!

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