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Best Sources of Filling Fiber

best sources of filling fiberWe all know that the best sources of filling fiber can come from the most unsuspecting sources. It can also come from some common sources. One of the best ways to start and stay on a diet is when you are taking in fiber.

What do the best sources of fiber do for a diet?

Fiber will cause a two fold process which is very beneficial to the diet itself and to your health. The first thing it will do is clear the path in the guts and you will actually lose the bloat from plaque on the intestines. Then this is a path to digesting nutrients and diet pills should you choose to use them. When plaque is present, it is a blockage to what helps you passing through to the bloodstream and it also keeps you bloated and puffy.

The second thing that happens is it will make you feel full enough to not want to overeat or even snack between meals. This is one of the most useful dieting techniques that you can put to use and actually the healthiest as well. This will also lower cholesterol and blood pressure and will also help as a cancer prevention–high fiber always is. However, there are a few facts about the best sources of filling fiber that you should know.

What are the two types of fiber:

There are two types of fiber. One is soluble and the other insoluble. We will explain what both are and how they are important to you. Soluble fiber is the fiber that will dissolve in water and marry with the stomach’s juices to form a viscous fluid which will do a very interesting thing. Now, one disclaimer–you will still gain calories but this fiber will absorb some of the food’s components and take them through the system instead of allowing them to be available for absorption and conversion into fat.

Foods with soluble fiber:

  • Chia Seeds
  • Barley
  • Oat Bran
  • Legumes such as peas and various beans

Then there is non soluble fiber:

This is fiber that just doesn’t dissolve in water so when it reaches your stomach it will wash out all the waste and plaque that has been stuck to the walls of the gut–busting that horrible bloat you get. These best sources of filling fiber will significantly decrease the stomach bloat you hate.

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