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Daily Selfie Pictures for Weight Loss Can Keep You Motivated to Stay Consistent

selfie pictures for weight lossMany people take selfies on a regular basis so they can post photos of themselves on social media. For example, you might find yourself taking a selfie during a special event or when you have gotten a new haircut and you want to show all of your friends and family what you are up to and what you look like. But did you know that you could use daily selfie pictures for weight loss too? Basically, you can take these photos and hold yourself accountable while keeping yourself motivated to remain consistent. Check out the information below to learn more.

Selfies Help You Track Your Progress

Many people end up falling off of their workout routine because they lose their motivation, and part of the reason why they might lose that motivation is because they don’t see the results that they want fast enough. But here’s the thing: results come about gradually, so even though your body might be changing, it might be changing in subtle ways that you won’t notice unless you take selfies. While you can notice changes if you take photos of yourself every couple of weeks or every month, taking daily selfie pictures for weight loss could be even more revealing, and the images could serve as a wonderful way to keep track of your weight loss and your muscular gains.

Forget the Scale and Take Photos Instead

When you lose weight but build muscle at the same time, you might not notice very many changes when you step on the scale. But if you take selfies, you will begin to notice that you are indeed slimming down and building strength at the same time. You might notice that your abs look tighter, that your arms are more toned, and that your legs are thinner. So don’t only rely upon the number of the scale to track how well you are doing.

See Your Progress from Multiple Angles

In addition to taking the usual selfie, you could also take photos of yourself from the side and get images of your back so that you can track your progress more accurately. Taking selfies regularly in this manner will give you hints as to whether or not you need to work certain body parts more than you currently do in order to improve your results.

Whether you choose to post your selfie pictures for weight loss online for everyone to see (that could help you stay motivated because you won’t want to let people realize that you gave up) or you just choose to take the photos for yourself, you might notice that you are more willing to stick with your fitness plan.

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