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Does Saturated Fat in Foods Affect Your Blood?

Saturated Fat in Foods and your bloodWhen you cut back on fat and focus on low-fat or non-fat foods, you may be deceiving yourself, and that’s precisely why there are studies focused on the effect that saturated fat in foods has on your blood. This may not seem like a big problem at first since so many of us are told that fats are bad for us and, therefore, just stay away from them altogether. Though it may seem innocent enough, when you cut out fats in this way, you tend to eat other foods, which may cause just as many problems. It’s important to get to the bottom of the problem and understand what really is happening when you eliminate fat from your diet. So though the research is still underway, there may be some surprising new findings.

It’s important to note that studies are still going on and, therefore, the final results aren’t confirmed. Yes, many of us cut out saturated fat in foods overall, which may be a good thing for, say, a heart condition. The problem, however, is that when people cut out the saturated fats found in something like red meat, for example, they tend to eat more carbohydrates and other high-calorie foods. That can have a much worse effect on the blood, which is the topic under research. When you substitute out the fatty foods and eat more carbohydrates, your insulin levels can rise, which can also lead to weight gain, higher blood pressure, and even heart disease or other health problems in the future.

Consider Your Alternatives

So although cutting out a vast majority of saturated fat in foods may work for other purposes, you have to consider what you are eating in place of these foods. Sure, it may be essential to lower your blood cholesterol levels, but it may actually contribute to other health problems in the process. It may be advisable, therefore, to focus on lean proteins and the right type of carbohydrates—particularly, whole grains. If you just turn to carbs in the sense of simple carbohydrates like white bread, then you have actually hurt yourself more. Eating white sugar or white flour will only hurt your health, so it’s not a proper substitution for saturated fats. Fat is not the only thing that matters here!

So should you be mindful of eating saturated fat in foods? Yes, it’s a good idea, but recent research is indicating that we want to be careful what we eat in place of these foods. A well-rounded diet should include good fats, such as those with omega-3 fatty acids, including avocados, olive oil, fish, and nuts. It should also include lean proteins and, of course, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Be mindful of eating the right types of carbs, for turning to simple carbohydrates can actually hurt you just as much. Make healthy choices and you can work toward better health now and into the future!

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