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Shocking Reasons You Cannot Lose Any Weight ?

Reasons You Cannot Lose Any WeightFeeling like you cannot lose any weight can be extremely disheartening. This is especially true if you have been trying very hard to reduce your body fat levels. Why is it that your current diet is working for everyone else but you? Why is it that you’d previously used it to consistently lose weight and now you’re stuck on what feels like a never-ending plateau?

There are a large number of potential reasons to explain why you cannot lose any weight and some of them might surprise you. That said, by identifying them, it gives you the ability to take some control over them. This can be exceptionally helpful in overcoming these barriers so you can start seeing the numbers improving on the scale once more.

Consider the following reasons that may be behind the fact that you cannot lose any weight:

You’re not getting enough sleep.

Sleep doesn’t get enough credit for its impact on the way your body functions. This includes your ability to lose weight. According to a growing body of evidence, a very large percentage of us are sleep deprived on a regular basis. In fact, a poll held by Gallup showed that 40 percent of Americans receive fewer than 7 hours per night. This can slow down the metabolism, reduce our energy levels so we won’t want to exercise or prep healthy foods and boosts cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body, which is a notorious combination for weight gain and the inability to lose it.

You work out to justify eating.

Just because you powered through another massive high intensity interval training (HIIT) session, it doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want. Nor can you eat whatever you want as long as you try to burn it off through exercise later on. That’s simply not how the process works. Moreover, the odds are that if you consider exercise a free ride for eating, you’re likely consuming far more than you’re burning.

Your thyroid isn’t balanced.

Your thyroid needs to function pretty much perfectly to make weight loss as easy as possible. It is a gland responsible for producing vital hormones. If those hormone levels are too high or too low (or if they are fluctuating between the two) you may find yourself facing nothing but problems when it comes to losing the extra pounds.

You’re not using the right diet pill.

If you’ve been using an ineffective diet pill or one that isn’t suited to your weight loss needs and expectations, then you might be holding back your opportunity to drop the pounds. Consider trying FenFast 375 to get your weight loss strategy of healthy eating and exercising on track.


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