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18 Ways to Make 2018 the Year You Reach a Healthy Weight

reach a healthy weight in 2018Have you been struggling to lose weight and get in shape? Well 2018 could finally be the year that you reach that target weight that you’ve been hoping to see on the scale. Check out the 18 tips below to get started.

1. Ditch processed foods that are filled with preservatives, unhealthy fats, salt, and sugar

2. Start every day with a healthy, filling breakfast packed with fiber, protein, and complex carbs

3. Focus on getting more sleep, relaxing, de-stressing, and resting your body

4. Focus less on counting calories and more on eating nourishing whole foods

5. Dive into a new workout routine that challenges you in new and fun ways

6. Find a workout buddy and set a schedule that you can both follow as you support one another’s goals

7. Quiet that inner voice that is critical, and aim to be more positive towards yourself

8. Get outside more by going hiking, swimming, and spending time in nature, as this is a great way to add more physical activity to your life

9. Eat healthier at restaurants by asking for extra veggies in place of carbs like bread and rice

10. Decrease your portions during lunch and dinner

11. Add more plants to your daily diet while reducing meat and dairy products that have been found to be unhealthy

12. Get all of the tempting unhealthy foods out of your kitchen, but don’t totally restrict yourself from having a small treat every now and then

13. Drink more water while ditching sugary drinks, including diet soda

14. Fill ½ of your plate with non-starchy or low-starch vegetables, ¼ of your plate with whole grains, and ¼ of the plate with a lean protein of your choice

15. Avoid fried foods and trans fats, and prepare your favorite fried foods by baking them instead

16. In addition to asking about nutrition facts at restaurants, start reading ingredients labels and nutrition labels on the packaged foods that you purchase at the grocery store

17. Start taking a high quality, over-the-counter weight management product that could help boost your metabolism and energy level. Buy diet pills with science-backed ingredients.

18. Purchase a fitness tracker to help you keep track of the number of steps you take, the number of hours you sleep, and the amount of workouts you complete

Adding these strategies to your daily life could be just what you need to make 2018 the year that you finally reach your healthy weight. Get started now!

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