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Science Says These Devices May Be Raising Your Obesity Risk

Devices Raising Your Obesity RiskAre you addicted to your digital devices? Whether you spend a lot of time scrolling through social media on your cell phone, or you spend hours of the day working on your computer, you aren’t alone if you find that you spend the majority of your time in front of electronic devices. But, can these devices be raising your obesity risk? According to experts, the answer is yes!

You Might Be Raising Your Obesity Risk by Using Digital Devices

According to Medical News Today, new research has suggested that individuals who switch between various devices frequently, in an effort to multitask throughout the day, are at a greater risk of unhealthy eating habits, as well as a greater risk of becoming obese. Who knew?!

How It All Works

By now, you might be wondering how using digital devices could possibly be raising your obesity risk. Well, it’s pretty straightforward. With more and more exposure to digital devices, like tablets, smart watches, and smartphones, you’re more likely to use these throughout the day, not only while you are working, but also while you are eating dinner with your family. It can become increasingly easier to become distracted, wanting to check your smartphone for the latest updates and messages.

One study found that people who do a lot of multitasking on their devices tend to have more body fat and a higher body mass index compared to those who don’t do a lot of multitasking on their digital devices.

In another study, some of the same participants involved in the first study had their brain activity recorded via MRI while they observed images of unhealthy foods that are typically appealing to most people. What the scans showed was that those who multitasked more showed more activity in regions of the brain that are associated with reward cycles, with addiction, and with unhealthy habits.

Consider Stepping Away from the Devices

If you want to avoid raising your risk of becoming obese, consider stepping away from your digital devices for a good portion of the day. Balance is the key, so even though your devices might be necessary sometimes, they shouldn’t be around you all the time.

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