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Pros and Cons of Daily Weigh-Ins During Weight Loss

pros and cons of daily weigh-insThere are tons of controversial topics when it comes to dieting, but weigh-ins during weight loss are among those that never seem to go away. There are some who believe that standing on the scale every day is helpful, while others think you should take this measurement no more than every week or every month. There are some who feel the bathroom scale provides no benefit and you should pay attention to size measurements, the way clothing fits and the way you feel.

When it all comes down to it, what should you do? Are daily weigh-ins during weight loss helpful or do they cause more harm than good?

Only you can decide what is right for you. That said, before you make your final decision, it’s a good idea to learn about the pros and cons of daily weigh-ins during weight loss. After all, being informed is the best way to put yourself on the right track.

Pros of weighing yourself every day:

• Motivation – Recent studies have found that frequent weigh-ins can be highly motivational. They can help people to start their day feeling driven to keep up with their weight loss strategies, keeping their mindset in the right place.

• Quick direction changes – This habit helps you to avoid remaining ignorant if your body has decided to take you in the wrong direction. If your current eating and exercising strategy is causing you to be bloated or even to gain fat, you will start seeing the trend right away so you can change directions before a lot of damage has been done.
• Reminds you to keep going – When you’re weighing yourself every day, you prevent yourself from being able to forget your goal. Don’t let your dieting fizzle out. Keep it right in front of you where you’ll remember it every day.

Cons of daily bathroom scale readings:

• Results can be deceiving – Body weight shifts from one day to the next are rarely the result of fat changes, or are at least not exclusively fat changes. Instead, daily readings are more likely to show differences in fluid levels. This can mean that you might end up changing your diet due to a misunderstanding of temporary water retention.

• It frequently leads to obsessive behaviors – Looking at the scale as frequently as every day commonly causes people to focus on numbers too much and health too little. Unhealthy behaviors can result as people prioritize a dropping number on the scale over their actual wellness.

No matter which option you choose, tracking progress is still a great way to maintain motivation throughout the weight loss process. You can even set up a customized weight loss ticker to add to your own blog or forum post. They offer a visual way to keep track of your goals and show how far you’ve come!

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