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Phentermine Dosage General Information

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Bear in mind, you should never adjust your Phentermine dosage unless you are specifically instructed to do so by your healthcare provider.

In order for the diet drug Phentermine to work effectively, you need to take it as it has been prescribed. This means following all of the directions your doctor has provided on a constant basis until the treatment is finished. Not taking the proper Phentermine dosage could lead to inadequate results or even dangerous side effects that could be harmful to your health.

The type of Phentermine dosage your physician will prescribe for you will depend on a variety of factors that may include, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • How well you respond to the diet pill
  • Other pre-existing health conditions you may have
  • Other medicine you may currently be using
  • Whether you experience troublesome or severe side effects to Phentermine
  • The specific type of Phentermine hydrochloride product

That said, while doses may vary from person to person, you may be wondering what the standard, recommended Phentermine dosage is for weight loss treatment. It is as follows:

Phentermine Capsules – there are three dosages: 15mg, 30mg and 37.5mg. Each dose should be taken daily, once in the morning.

Phentermine Tablets – there are two dosages: 18.75mg and 37.5mg. Both doses are to be taken once per day in the morning. However, in some cases, the half dose (18.75mg) may be administered twice per day to help suppress the appetite depending on your doctor’s advisement.

With this in mind, the following is some general and important information regarding Phentermine dosage:

  • This anorectic drug is meant for short-term use only (usually no longer than 12 weeks). Due to the fact it is a sympathomimietic amine similar to an amphetamine it can become addictive and a user is at a much higher risk of abusing this substance the longer they are on it. Do not take it for longer than recommended.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, the pills should be taken once a day in the morning before your first meal or one to two hours following this meal. They are meant to be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid taking this weight control medication late in the day as it increases the risk of insomnia because it is a stimulant.
  • Every Phentermine dosage is meant to be combined with appropriate exercise and diet. It will not produce effective results in absence of conventional dieting methods.
  • Do not double up on pills if you miss a dose, wait until the next schedule time. Taking a higher amount of the formula will not speed up the weight loss process, nor will it help you lose extra fat. You only increase your risk of side effects and drug dependency.

Bear in mind, you should never adjust your Phentermine dosage unless you are specifically instructed to do so by your healthcare provider. For your own safety and for effective results, follow the advice and direction of a medical professional.

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