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Give Yourself a Natural Butt Lift With These 3 Moves

Give Yourself a Natural Butt Lift Getting a natural butt lift is easy when you start adding the right exercise moves to your workout routine. If you’re hoping to achieve a sexier, more youthful figure, the following three moves could help you get the results that you’re after.

Leg Lifts for the Outer and Center Glute Muscles
To target the center and outer glute muscles, start by getting on all fours. Place your knees under the hips and make sure that the hands are placed underneath the shoulders so you have a stable and safe foundation.

Start with your right leg. Lift it and straighten it until it is parallel to the floor. Point your toes. You can then trace the outline of a “P” in the air, lifting your leg a bit higher. Start at the base of the letter and make the circular motion to complete the trace. Then lower your leg back down and repeat this until exhaustion. Switch legs and do the same on the other side.

An Exercise for the Upper and Center Glute Muscles
To get a natural butt lift, you also need to work on the center and upper glute muscles, and this exercise will take care of that.

Once again, you will begin on all fours with your joints properly aligned. Point the right leg straight behind your body and lift it about four inches higher. Then trace a box in a clockwise motion with your big toe. Reverse this motion, going counterclockwise. Every box you trace should create a stronger contraction within the butt muscles.

Work the Upper Outer Sides of the Butt
To target the upper outer sides of your butt and really get that natural butt lift that you’re after, finish your routine with this exercise.

Yet again, start on all fours. Keep the right leg extended back behind you in a straight line. This time, though, cross it so that it lands behind your left leg. Tap your pointed big toe to the floor, squeezing the glute before lifting the leg again until it’s in a line with the right hip and in line with the floor again. Lower the leg to tap it again, repeating the movement to exhaustion. Protect your back by slightly tucking the tailbone and avoiding arching the spine.

Combine these three exercises with a balanced strength training and cardio routine, and manage your weight with the help of a product like Phentramin-D, to get the best results.

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