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What the Most Successful Weight Loss Diets All Have in Common

Most Successful Weight Loss Diets While some diets are nothing more than fads, the most successful weight loss strategies are those that let you lose and keep it off. These are strategies that people have been trying over time and that allow them to continue to get great results.

Among the most successful weight loss diets are:

  • The DASH Diet
  • The MIND Diet
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • A plant-based diet of whole foods

While each of those strategies is quite different and has its own unique components, they do have important factors in common. To understand whether or not your own strategy could be included among the most successful weight loss diets, consider the following that the best ones already have in common:

They minimize added sugar consumption – the majority of people can handle a little bit of added sugar every day, but most of us are eating far more than we should. When you consume too much added sugar, this causes a range of problems in the body. Primarily, it overwhelms the liver, which converts the sugar into fat stored on your body. To be clear, this refers to any of the over sixty types of sugar added to ingredients lists or that you take straight from the sugar bowl. It doesn’t include sugars found naturally in whole foods such as fruit, vegetables and milk, which are handled differently in the body.
They reduce refined carb intake – the right kind of carbohydrates – such as whole grains – are great for your health and nutrition and can contribute to weight loss. However, refined carbs – such as foods made with white flour – don’t contain all the parts of the grain. As a result, they don’t contain much more than starch, which is made up of glucose (sugar) molecules. They also don’t provide the dietary fiber of whole grains.
They eliminate artificial trans fats – trans fats are made through the “hydrogenating” process in vegetable oils which makes them last longer before going rancid. That said, trans fats are toxic and can greatly increase the risk of heart disease and obesity.
They encourage large consumption of veggies and fiber – these diets encourage eating lots of plant-based, high fiber foods. This is primarily made up of vegetables. This helps to ensure you receive all you need in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and other essential components of your nutrition

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