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The Risks Involved with Going on a Juice Fast

juice fast risksThere are lots of ways to get healthier and gain that ideal physique you have always wanted, and juicing seems to be a popular method for many people around the world. Although the benefits of juicing are far-reaching, it is important to know about the risks involved. When you do not know what to expect from your given eating plan, you could find yourself in a mess later on. A juice fast may be a good idea, but that is only if you do it right.

Watch out for Weight Gain

Because of the energy density of most fruits, juices often offer an extremely high dose of calories to the drinker. When you turn a whole fruit into juice, you actually remove most of the satiating fiber within it. In the end, this may turn into greater weight gain because the juice is going to be providing the drinker with a concentrated form of calories without soothing hunger pangs in the process. This may lead to overconsumption, which is one reason why a juice fast should be done responsibly.

Exercise Caution about Carotenemia

Do you like vegetables and fruits that are high in carotene? You need to be careful and understand the dangers of carotenemia, particularly if you enjoy using carrots in your juice fast endeavor. There are no actual health risks associated with carotenemia, but it is something you will want to avoid. After all, carotenemia will cause your hands and feet to turn an orange color, and nobody wants that.

Difficult Blood Sugar Regulation

Remember the talk about how juicing removes valuable fiber in the fruits and vegetables you use? Well, that plays a huge role in how well your body can regulate your blood sugar levels. Certain foods can actually raise your levels so rapidly that it could be dangerous. In addition, an irresponsible juice fast has been linked to an increased risk of developing diabetes.

Stomach Pains and Nausea

A poorly organized juice fast can cause you to experience some stomach pain and even nausea as well, especially if it is not done right. Because of the indigestible sugars, known as sorbitol, within some fruits, you might end up dealing with some digestive issues if you are not careful. If you have a particularly sensitive stomach, try to stay away from fruits such as sweet cherries, peaches, apples, and pears. These foods can cause gas, bloating, stomach cramps, and even uncomfortable diarrhea. This is particularly true for children who participate in juicing.

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