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Phentramin-D vs. Herbal Weight Loss Pills

herbal weight loss pillsThere has been a growing trend in favor of herbal weight loss pills, but this has been quite the controversial movement in the dieting industry for a number of reasons. That controversy can help to explain why high quality pharmacological grade diet pills such as Phentramin-D have become immensely popular.

The appeal of herbal weight loss pills is primarily that they do not contain a range of different types of chemicals that could be dangerous or unhealthy to take. Many people believe that by taking “natural” medicine, they are doing something better for their bodies because they’re using something that was made by Mother Nature and not by scientists in a lab.

What does need to be acknowledged about herbal weight loss pills is that their ingredients are just as likely to be problematic as any other over the counter product. Just because something is herbal or natural, it doesn’t mean that it is either safe or effective. Moreover, many of the herbs that are included in these formulations have not been backed by science. At best, the evidence available to support their use is anecdotal and is based on traditional uses.

Because of this, it is not known whether or not the herb is truly effective, whether it maintains its effectiveness when it is changed into pill form, if it conflicts with other medical conditions, supplements or medications, or if it comes with the risk of side effects (and at what dose the risk of side effects begins).

On the other hand, Phentramin-D was created using ingredients that have been extensively studied. The substances that make up this formulation are very well known by both the medical and weight loss expert communities and can therefore be combined in more precise amounts to ensure the best possible results with the lowest possible risk of side effects.

Moreover, because each of the Phentramin-D ingredients have undergone quite a bit of study, the scientists who developed the formulation can be confident in knowing that they are safe to use on a daily basis. Each of the benefits of this diet pill are well understood so the types of advantage that they can give a dieter are much more easy to predict.

Many of the dieters who are now choosing Phentramin-D are now among those who have tried herbal supplements who have been disappointed in the results that they were able to achieve.

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