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Exercises That Can Improve Your Heart Health

Improve Heart HealthHeart health is the most important thing to concentrate on because the heart is your pump and your lifeline. This is the most important muscle in your whole body. It moves the blood to the organs and to the cells throughout the body. The bottom line is that you can’t live without your heart–period–and you have to protect it from damage in a multitude of ways because the heart is susceptible to various types of damage.

The main way to take care of the heart muscle is through the right diet. This certainly includes a low-fat and high-fiber diet. Such a diet keeps the blood flowing as it should and avoids the clotting that generally causes strokes and other serious conditions. You also need to work that muscle just as you would any other muscle to keep it from going into atrophy.

So, how does one exercise the heart muscle? Through cardio. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you will have to endure another aerobics class or run a miracle mile. You won’t have to do that; but you will have to raise your heart rate enough to build the heart muscle. You don’t even need to calculate your target heart rate–all you need to do is raise your heart rate sufficiently that it is difficult to have a conversation with someone while you are exercising.

Walking is one of the best exercises for heart health. You can walk at a steady pace for 20 minutes a day and drop a considerable amount of weight while building a heart muscle that is happy and healthy. Swimming is also a great heart health exercise that will not only build up the heart muscle but also make your muscles strong and toned overall. You can raise your heart rate in the pool by doing water walking, which is simply walking back and forth in the water.

You can also take up a sport like tennis or racquetball–something that entails quick sprints.

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