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Healthy Mid-Morning Snacks to Stay on Track

Healthy Mid-Morning Snacks for weight lossFood cravings and hunger pangs are experiences almost everyone experiences daily, and if you want to strictly follow your maximum caloric intake per day, you must choose the right healthy mid-morning snacks. Here are a few that will tickle your tongue without fattening your tummy:

Go Nutty
A handful of nuts is easy to carry around and provides an excellent source of nutrients. Nuts will give your body protein and fiber, which will keep you feeling satiated for a longer period of time. After some mid-morning nut chewing, you may not feel too hungry at lunch time so you will avoid eating excess calories. Besides, nuts offer some other important health benefits, such as decreasing your cholesterol and LDL levels. For some taste, you can opt for roasted nuts like walnuts, almonds or pecans. Just make sure that you don’t select anything with added salt to keep it one of the top healthy mid-morning snacks.

Follow the Trend
These days you will notice major brands advertising cereals as a snack. This may be a marketing gimmick but the right type of cereal can actually make an excellent snack. Right off the bat, you can eliminate any cereal that has sugar or is not whole wheat. Pick something with whole grain oats, like the American icon, Cheerios. The fiber in Cheerios will make you feel full for a longer period of time and a single serving contains only one gram of sugar. Some people may object to this cereal, because it does not have much protein, but if your diet is built right, you will be getting sufficient proteins from your main meals.

A popular diet strategy is to limit your snacks to exactly 100 calories. Healthy mid-morning snacks should be created following this principle. Fruits are a great way to get some fiber and vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals into your body, while staying within the healthy snack calorie limit. A great advantage with fruits is that you have a lot of choice to keep your taste buds excited. Examples of fruit within the 100-calorie limit include a banana, large apple, small mango, pear, nectarine, orange or a peach.

Alternative Options
A great alternative to traditional snacks is a hummus dip with carrots, which take time to chew and provide you with fiber and some protein. Some additional healthy-mid morning snacks you can munch on include Greek yogurt or a whole-wheat tortilla with tomato salsa.

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