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Healthy Diet Strategies with Proven Results

healthy dieting strategies that workAre you tired of wasting your time with diet strategies that don’t seem to work? Then it’s time to look at the many healthy dieting techniques that have actually been proven to work. Check out the information below for a few of the best diet plans for those who are hoping to shed pounds in a healthy way.

The DASH Diet

One of the most popular diets is the DASH Diet because it is ranked the top diet plan every year. Why? Because it is designed to help you lower your blood pressure or maintain it within a healthy range. So beyond helping you lose excess weight, this diet is all about keeping your entire body healthy too.

When you follow the DASH Diet, the emphasis will be placed upon veggies, grains, and fruits, and there will be limits set upon your consumption of sodium and fat. Basically, the majority of your daily calories will come from healthy whole food sources, but you could also consume moderate amounts of low-fat or fat-free dairy products. And you can also consume low amounts of sweets, sugary drinks, added sugars, and red meat.

How do we know that this diet really works? Well, back in the ‘90s, a couple of clinical trials scientifically proved that this diet does indeed lower blood pressure when it is followed correctly. Plus, it also provides you with nutrition and it can support your overall cardiovascular health.

The Mediterranean Diet

Another diet that has been studied and proven effective is the popular Mediterranean Diet.

Under the guidance of the Mediterranean Diet, the majority of your daily calories will come from plant foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans, and nuts. Foods that are minimally processed and fresh are the best because they will be the most nutritious. On top of that, olive oil is the biggest source of calories from fat. You can also consume low amounts of dairy with your meals, moderate amounts of poultry and fish, and minimal amounts of red meat. And, occasionally, you could have some sweets, with fresh fruit being preferred, as well as wine.

How do we know it works? A randomized clinical trial found that individuals who followed the Mediterranean diet with supplements of nuts or extra virgin olive oil were less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke compared with individuals who ate a reduced fat diet.


If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and you want to go with a diet that’s been scientifically proven to work, try one of the above two diets to start seeing results.

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