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Should You Exercise With a Cold?

Should you exercise with a cold When you have a cold, you might be wondering if it is best to rest rather than do your usual exercise routine. But is this true? Keep reading to learn about whether or not you should exercise with a cold to maintain your health and your weight.

Yes, It Can Be Safe to Exercise with a Cold.

Exercise with a cold can be safe, provided that your illness is not too intense and you take it easy. Always listen to your body during your workout, especially while you are sick, and avoid potentially risky situations in which the exercise could actually end up doing more harm than good.

Things to Keep in Mind

Even though low-intensity exercise with a cold could help, you should be aware of the fact that any level of physical activity will end up boosting your heart rate. There are also some medications that you might be taking for your cold that will end up raising your heart rate, so the combination of decongestants, in particular, and exercise could actually cause the heart to pump too hard. You might end up suffering with shortness of breath and you might experience difficulty breathing. In these cases, it is best to stick with exercises that are gentler and that do not increase your heart rate.

When to Avoid Exercise

If you have a cold but you also have asthma, it really is best to give your body some time to rest and recuperate rather than exercise. If you feel that you must exercise, though, stick with gentle workouts like stretches, and talk to your doctor first to be sure that any level of activity is safe in these circumstances. Keep in mind that exercise could cause you to wheeze and cough more, making you experience shortness of breath.

When in Doubt, Ask Your Doctor

Ultimately, it is best to talk to your doctor whenever you have a cold and you are thinking about exercising. Your doctor can properly diagnose you and let you know if it is safe to pursue physical activities, and he or she can also advise you on how intense your workout sessions should be.

Sometimes it really is best to drink plenty of fluids, stay warm, and get plenty of rest when you have a cold. The last thing that you want to do is exacerbate your condition and cause your cold to linger longer than it otherwise would. Instead, to stick with your weight loss goals while you take a break from exercising, you can take a safe product like Phentramin-D.

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