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Not Just About Nutrition: Without Enough Exercise, You’ll Get Sick

Enough Exercise for HealthWhat do you do to keep yourself from getting sick? You probably practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly, right? You likely also make it a point to eat nutritious foods and take supplements so that you can get the right amount of vitamins and minerals that can protect your body against viruses and bacteria. Those are both great ways to keep your immune system strong, but did you know that you also need to get enough exercise to avoid getting sick? It’s true! Check out the information below to learn about the link between enough exercise and your immune system.

What Are the Effects of Not Getting Enough Exercise?

When you don’t get enough exercise, a few things happen to your body, according to The List. For example, you become more likely to crave unhealthy foods, which lack the nutrition necessary to support a strong immune system. You also don’t sleep as well when you aren’t physically active enough, and we all know that sleep is a time for your body to restore, repair, and strengthen itself, so a lack of it does quite a bit of damage to your defenses. Plus, you become more prone to injuries, your mood takes a nosedive, your bones become weak, and your stress level increases. Yikes!

A Few Ways That Exercise Might Help You Avoid Getting Sick

Experts have a few theories about the ways in which exercise can help build up your defenses against illnesses. For example, when you exercise, you are moving your body, thereby helping to flush out bacteria that might be in your airways and lungs. That means that you might be able to lower your odds of catching the flu or the common cold.

While you exercise, as well as right after your workout, your body temperature rises briefly. This, in turn, might help stop the growth of bacteria, as well as help your body fight off infections like it would with a fever.

Another reason why exercise is good for you is because it can help create changes in white blood cells and antibodies, which are able to move around your body more quickly, detecting bad guys earlier than they otherwise would. Perhaps this, too, can help prevent you from getting sick.

Remember when we said lack of exercise could cause a rise in stress? Well, workouts slow down your body’s release of stress hormones, and when those hormones are reduced, you might have a better chance of staying healthy, especially because stress boosts the risk of infection.

Are You Getting Enough Exercise? What Are You Waiting For?

With so many great reasons to exercise more regularly, why aren’t you doing it? By being more active, you can take steps towards keeping your body healthy in myriad ways, from maintaining a strong immune system, to maintaining a healthy weight.

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