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Is it Possible to Eliminate Cellulite with Exercise?

Can You Eliminate Cellulite with Exercise One of the most challenging efforts you can take on in your weight loss is the one to eliminate cellulite with exercise. This bumpy, fatty tissue is frustrating because it can appear at any age and on any body type. It will form regardless of your weight – it doesn’t need you to be overweight.

Regardless of what you may have heard, cellulite is simply fat cells that are arranged in a certain way. It isn’t the result of weak circulation or toxin buildup. It’s fat, plain and simple. That said, it’s fat that looks like an orange peel and that can be challenging to burn off. Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate cellulite with exercise.

As is the case with all fat burning, when you want to eliminate cellulite with exercise, there are certain rules. You will need to eat a balanced, nutritious diet. It is also important for you to keep up the right fitness-appropriate workout routine. Therefore, before you start any of these great cellulite busting moves, be sure to consult your doctor and/or a physical trainer.

When you do consult with one of these health experts, discuss performing these moves three times per week. Complete one set of 10 to 15 reps of each. Remember that movements and lifts should be slow, counting 2 seconds as you lift and counting 4 seconds as you lower.

Glutes workout – with or without wearing ankle weights, complete this exercise with a straight back. Start on your hands and knees, bending your arms and placing your weight on your elbows and forearms. Keep your head in line with your spine, with your eyes on the floor. Bend one leg to 90 degrees and slowly swing it back and up, so your thigh is parallel with the floor, keeping your foot flexed. Complete one set and repeat with the other leg.
Inner thigh workout – with or without wearing ankle weights, keep your body stationary throughout these movements. Try not to let your body sway as you lift and lower your leg. Start by lying on your side with your lower arm extended comfortably above you. Rest your head on that upper arm. Place your other hand on the floor in front of your chest for balance. Fully extend your lower leg. Bend the knee of your upper leg and place that foot on the floor in front of your opposite knee. Slowly raise and lower the lower leg, keeping it fully extended. Raise it as high as possible, hold for one second and lower again. Complete one set with that leg then switch sides and complete a set with the other leg.

Achieve even better fat burning by combining these moves with Phentramin-D’s proprietary formulation.

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