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What Is the Coachella Diet?

Coachella Diet for weight lossBelieve it or not, the Coachella Diet has actually started to become a “thing” as the hot Palm Springs event came and went, this year. It has all the makings of a fad diet as it promises that people who follow it will be able to slim down by tremendous amounts in order to look like their favorite celebrities.

Apparently it’s not enough to face the blowing sand and head out into the desert to see top performers. Many people have been using the Coachella Diet to be able to try to shrink down to the size of the preferred festival fashion as well.

What is the fashion to which the Coachella Diet has been designed to cater? This year, it was tiny shorts, small dresses, crop tops, bare middles and crocheted bikinis. With that kind of style, it’s no wonder only the slimmest of bodies are known to show up – especially with the number of cameras that are pointed at every angle at any given moment.

The style – from clothing to body – has become an extreme competition for those in attendance at Coachella. This was the seventh year for the festival and despite the fact that it has been around for quite some time, every year comes with more people who have never taken part before. As more newbies participate, the image component becomes even more important.

To be ready for the experience, the diet comes into play. That said, while many people think it is a single plan that they can follow in order to lose weight exceptionally rapidly, the truth of the matter is that everyone has their own idea of what is involved. While some people continue to eat in the same way but pour themselves into intense daily workouts for weeks in advance – including staying up late to dance and be ready for that component of Coachella – others slash what they’re eating to get a bikini body that is crop top ready.

The types of workout that are followed can include anything from yoga to intense cardio and strength training. Any simple Google search rapidly reveals a wealth of different workouts and fad diets that claim to be the best way to rapidly lose weight to get a slim body that will look perfect in the size 0 clothes that have become the goal of the vast majority of the participants and attendees of this huge event.

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