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Is Eating Big Breakfasts and Small Dinners Really Healthier?

big breakfasts and small dinnersA growing number of studies are starting to point to big breakfasts and small dinners when it comes to healthful weight management. In fact, a significant study in the Obesity journal showed that this could be one of the best strategies to lose weight more comfortably and naturally.

In the study, researchers looked into the impact of big breakfasts and small dinners on the weight of obese women with metabolic syndrome. Ninety three participants were given a diet of 1,400 calories per day. They kept this up for four weeks. Half the participants were in a group that ate 700 calories at breakfast, 500 calories at lunchtime and only 200 calories at dinner. The other half consumed 200 calories at breakfast, the same number at lunch and 700 calories at dinner.

Was there a difference between the group that had big breakfasts and small dinners and the one who ate the opposite calorie pattern?

Both groups did lose weight due to the calorie reduction. That said, the group of participants whose calorie intakes were largest at breakfast time lost a great deal more than those who ate smaller breakfasts and bigger dinners. In fact, the group with the large breakfasts lost an average of 18 pounds during the 12 weeks whereas those with the small breakfasts lost only 8 pounds. Those who ate the larger breakfasts also lost more inches from their waist circumferences. Those with the large breakfasts lost 3 inches from their waistlines. Those with the small breakfasts lost only 1.4 inches.

That said, it is important to point out that this was a comparison of women who were obese and had metabolic syndrome. This doesn’t necessarily mean the strategy will work the same way for a woman with a healthy body weight but who would like to slim down a little. It is also important to realize that this study – like all high quality studies – was carefully controlled.

Most people do not eat specific numbers of calories for each meal and the vast majority of people could not maintain that effort over the long term. That means that any results achieved through a strict effort such as that one would likely be only short term.

Therefore, while it could be that large breakfasts will help you to lose weight faster than small ones, it may not occur as quickly as the results seen in this study. For that reason, many people choose to complement their efforts with the use of Phentramin-d to help enhance their results.

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