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Top 5 Best Weight Loss Strategies of All Time

Best Weight Loss Strategies of All Time

There are a huge number of weight loss strategies and tips out there.  We see them every day on websites, social media, and even suggestions from friends and family.  That said, they’re not all equally helpful.  Some are absolutely fantastic and can make all the difference in the world. Others do more harm than good.

That’s why we’ve taken the opportunity to compile a short list of 5 of the best weight loss strategies we’ve come across as we’ve reviewed dieting research.  Have a good look at our list and choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle.  That way, you’ll know you’ll be more willing to stick to it and get the most out of it.  You may be surprised by the great results that you can achieve if you’re hoping to get lean and stay in shape.

The Absolute Best Weight Loss Strategies Include…

Best Weight Loss Strategies #1: Eat a Healthy Diet, the Right Way

Everyone talks about eating a healthy diet, and for good reason. After all, it’s one of the best weight loss strategies for anyone who’s hoping to shed excess pounds. That said, what exactly constitutes a healthy diet? Well, it isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Incorporate the following tips into your diet to make the most of one of the best weight loss strategies:

  1. Add three servings of various fruits, along with a minimum of four servings of veggies, into your daily meal plans.
  2. Reduce your sugar intake.
  3. Choose whole foods whenever possible. Calories from whole foods are better for your metabolism than those from processed foods and are more nutrient-dense
  4. Ditch the unhealthy refined grains. Replace them with nutritious whole grains.
  5. Focus on eliminating unhealthy fats, while getting more healthy fats in your diet. Foods like avocados, nuts, and olive oil are a few good examples.
  6. If you eat dairy, stick with low-fat varieties. If you eat meat and poultry, keep your intake of these foods to a minimum, and only choose lean options that aren’t processed.
  7. Don’t deprive yourself of all the foods you love. Find a reasonable way to work them into your life.  This may mean serving yourself smaller portions or saving them for special occasions. That way, you won’t feel like you’re never enjoying your food and you’re more likely to keep up your weight loss strategies. Moreover, you’ll enjoy your favorites even more!

Best Weight Loss Strategies #2: Always Eat Your Breakfast (Even if it’s Late)

Ditching breakfast might seem like a good idea if you’re trying to consume fewer calories, and you might think that this is one of the best weight loss strategies. However, the opposite is true.

According to experts, one of the best weight loss strategies involves eating the right number of calories every day. The key, though, is to eat a balanced, healthy breakfast that’s low in sugar and full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Doing so will help keep you fuller for longer, and that can help you eat less and lose more weight.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you need to eat a separate meal.  Some people don’t enjoy food first thing in the morning.  Therefore, they can eat a brunch meal, combining breakfast and lunch.  The key is to make sure you’re not eating too few calories in the first half of your day.

Why eating breakfast is so important to your weight loss strategies:

  • Eating during the first half of your day will help jumpstart your metabolism.
  • Eating a nutritious and filling breakfast can help prevent mid-morning cravings for sugary snacks.
  • Having breakfast can help you maintain your energy, so you don’t turn to unhealthy snacks for a boost of momentum.

Best Weight Loss Strategies #3: Taking a High-Quality Diet Pill

Diet pills sometimes get a bad rap because there are a few of them out there that aren’t good for you. From prescription weight pills, to over-the-counter weight management supplements, there are a lot of options to choose from, so talking to your doctor really is the best way to find the diet pills that work and that are safest for you to take.

How to make the most of diet pills:

If you choose to take diet pills, don’t use them as your only weight loss effort. Instead, the best weight loss strategies include those that mix the use of diet pills with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

  • Talk to your doctor about the right diet pill for your body and weight loss dieting support needs, whether you want to try a prescription diet pill or one that’s available over the counter.
  • Check the ingredients of a diet pill before taking it, and also look into the potential side effects so you can determine if it’s safe and worth trying.
  • Only take a diet pill as directed. This means taking the appropriate dose at the right times throughout the day, and only taking the diet pill short-term, rather than for an extended period of time.

Best Weight Loss Strategies #4: Focus on Getting More Fiber in Your Diet

When it comes to the best weight loss strategies, experts highly recommend incorporating more fiber into your daily diet. Therefore, in addition to cutting back on unhealthy fats and reducing your calorie intake while eating smaller portions, you should be consuming more foods that are rich in fiber.

How does fiber help you lose more weight?

Adding more fiber to your diet is one of the best weight loss strategies because it’s surprisingly easy to do, and you don’t need to follow any special diet in order to get the job done.

  • Basically, fiber will help make you feel fuller sooner. For example, if you were to eat a fiber-rich meal versus a meal lacking fiber, you’d discover that you need to eat less of the fiber-rich meal before you feel satisfied. This means that portion control will be easier, and it will also be easier to reduce the amount of calories that you consume in a meal.
  • Because fiber will expand once it reaches your stomach, it will take longer for your body to digest it. As a result, in addition to feeling fuller sooner at the table, you’ll also notice that you feel fuller for longer in between your meals. Having a high-fiber breakfast, for example, can help you feel full and satisfied until lunch, rather than having to reach for a snack.
  • High quality sources of fiber include vegetables, whole fruits that haven’t been juiced, and whole grains. With so many delicious options to choose from, you can add plenty of fiber to every meal and reap the benefits that it can provide as one of the top weight loss strategies for overall health.

Best Weight Loss Strategies #5: Cook Your Meals at Home

According to experts, another one of the best weight loss strategies involves cooking more of your meals at home so you can eat at restaurants or grab takeout less often.

Research has shown that individuals who cook the majority of their meals at home actually end up consuming less sugar, less fat, fewer carbohydrates, and fewer calories. All of that translates to easier weight loss.

Here’s how you can make the most of this weight loss strategy, even when you’re really busy:

  • Prepare your meals in advance. For example, you might make a few dinners during a Sunday afternoon. Freeze your meals so you can then prepare them right away when you get home from work during the week.
  • Pack a lunch the night before school or work so you have it ready to go in the morning and you won’t be tempted to buy lunch.
  • Cook using natural, unprocessed, organic ingredients whenever possible. The food will taste better and be healthier for you.
  • If you do need to eat out, choose restaurants that serve high quality options, rather than fast food restaurants that are known for their high-fat, high-sodium foods.
  • Invest in a slow cooker that you can set up in the morning. By the time you get home from work, you’ll have a warm, delicious, nutritious meal waiting for you.

Follow the Best Weight Loss Strategies to Get the Best Results

Being aware of some of the best weight loss strategies will give you the tools and motivation necessary to change your lifestyle for the better. Try the tips above, as you might be surprised by how much better you feel and how much weight you can lose.

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