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Certified Nutritionists Share Their Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

tips to avoid holiday weight gainThe holidays are coming soon, which means that overeating season will be upon us before we know it. And that means that weight gain may follow. So we decided to look into what the experts have to say about avoiding that holiday weight gain this year. Check out the tips below so that you can make smart eating choices during the holidays and beyond.

Fill Up on the Right Foods

When attending any holiday party, look for the foods that are not only high in fiber, but also high in water content, as these will fill you up more quickly. Healthy options, such as whole grains, fruits, and veggies, will be loaded with nutrients and fiber but they will also be low in calories, so it’s a win-win. Fill up your plate so that it consists mostly of veggies. You will notice that you feel surprisingly full rather quickly, and you will also end up feeling fuller for longer so you will be less tempted to head back for seconds and thirds.

Eat Before You Go

If you are planning on attending a holiday party or dinner in the evening, don’t starve yourself in the hours leading up to it. Instead, eat as you normally would so that, when you are at the party, you won’t end up overeating because you are so hungry.

Be Mindful of Your Drink Choices

The holidays bring with them calorie-loaded drinks, like eggnog and hot chocolate, as well as alcohol. Did you know that you could ingest almost 300 calories when you drink some hot chocolate or some eggnog? Crazy, right? And alcohol, from mixed drinks to beer, will also add additional calories to your diet that you simply don’t need. Plus, when people drink alcohol, they may be more prone to making unwise food choices. So stick with water or other low-calorie options instead.

Use a Smaller Plate and Eat Sitting Down

Believe it or not, the size of your plate could also help you prevent unwanted holiday weight gain. So whenever you have the option, fill up a smaller plate. So simple! But also make it a point to eat while seated rather than walking around. Sitting allows you to take your time and be mindful of what you’re eating, and it could also be easier to track what you’re eating while seated rather than while you’re walking around.

Avoiding holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be a challenge. It is all about knowing where the calories are, staying in control of your food and drink choices, and remembering that just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that you should forget about healthy eating.

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